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What is Collarleve?


a term that cannot be found in any dictionary as it's not a real word, simple as that.

A gibberish term created by me at 15 years old in the midst of creative exploration with the purpose of being a simple blog name, soon became the name and a medium that allowed me present my abilities and potential to the fullest. With a marketing degree under my belt and some experience on hand Collarleve is ready to present my abilities as a skilled freelancer. Collarleve is synonymous wiith me, my capabilities, my visions, my ideas, my style and personality. Collarleve is me. I am Collarleve.

I welcome you to work with Collarleve. I welcome you to work with me.

Consult with Collarleve.
Create with Collarleve.
Captivate with Collareve.

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Who am I?
I am Chomps

Skilled and trained in more than one industry, I am a multi-faceted and diligent self-starter who is communication driven and a hands on manager type with a special focus on efficient workflows. A passionate creative and manager with love for customer service and building meaningful relationships. Expertise ranging from business management to makeup artistry. One person, who can do it all.

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Collarleve stands for believing in personality and using it's identity to achieve a goal. We will learn about each other to an understanding that will aid in the end-goal
When you become a client , you also become a friend.


The little details matter, so don't mind my attentiveness (borderline neurotic) to the nitty gritty details to ensure things are done the way they're supposed to be done. It's quite simple.


Efficiency is key. Efficiency creates the power and momentum that energizes and motivates. Collarleve is all about creating that electric energy that fuels productivity.

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Chomps's Experience In & Out of the Beauty Industry

2009 - Present


- Events, special occasion, editorial, photo shoots, video shoots
- Creative direction and logistical planning for photo and video shoots in collaboration with creatives, influencers. small businesses and marketing campaigns
- Select team and assist on shoot days.
- Design marketing and promotional tools: business card, website, logos
- Work published and credited in Drexel D&M Magazine 2020
- Featured in an International Women's Day Video 2018 for UBIQ in Philadelphia.

June 2011 - November 2021


- Oversaw administrative tasks: emails, customer support, operating licenses, financial documents, point of contact with third party delivery services (Grubhub , UberEats. DoorDash)
- Supervised front of the house: employee management, customer service, POS troubleshooting, scheduling, inventory checks and cleanliness
- Screened, hired and on-boarded new employees
- Maintained a 4.3 star rating on Google through quality control and an emphasis on customer satisfaction.
- Built and managed website through Squarespace
- Additional responsibilities include: bartending, food preparation , budgeting, ideation, event planning

April 2019 - April 2020


  • Organized and attended events as event lead and brand representative

  • Oversaw visual direction of product and brand

  • Conceptualized and executed marketing campaigns, web content, and social media content

  • Implemented transition of e-commerce platform from Squarespace to Shopify and acted as site manager

  • Launched, directed and managed podcast (The Food Magic Podcast)

  • On-boarded and mentored new hires and interns

April 2019 - September 2019


- Collaborated with clients to build promotional materials
- Wrote copy reflecting the client's voice brand voice and requests: weekly newsletters, websites, weekly blog posts, marketing materials and event materials
- Conducted research and interviews for supporting information and testimonials to increase credibility
- Emphasized SEO practices to increase online traffic

September 2017 - March 2019


- First point of contact in International Students Office
- Answered and directed phone calls
- Compiled and submitted expense reports
- Scheduled appointments and meetings
- Daily inventory management
- Assisted staff in day to day tasks

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